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Welcome to Revolution Kia, the newest automotive dealership in Grande Prairie and proud member of the Revolution Auto Group. Conveniently located at 11806 99 Ave in Grande Prairie, we are 100% locally owned and operated, and very excited to add some "aieee" to our business! Kia's motto is "the Power to Surprise," and that is our focus as well.

At Revolution Kia we want to "surprise" you with our commitment to customer service. How can we accomplish this? How about building a new state-of-art facility, staffing it with well-trained and friendly staff, and offering the best value products and service in the industry? If you are tired of the typical car dealer experience, Join the Revolution and try us! We will surprise you.

Revolution Auto Group

The Revolution Auto Group is a young and vibrant company that currently has six dealerships in the Import and Domestic markets.

We are committed to fulfilling the needs, wants and desires of our customers through our brands and customer-centric service. We are prepared to do Today what others won't, so Tomorrow we can accomplish what others can't.

We have the utmost respect for our people; customers, co-workers and business partners.

We all take pride in what we do and we dare you to...Join the Revolution!

The Revolution Auto Group Mission Statement:

In an effort to be the consumer's favorite automotive retail group we exist and grow relying on these pillars of value as our foundation.

  • 1) Customer-centric service
  • 2) Commitment and respect to our people; customers, co-workers and business partners
  • 3) Sustainability through profitability and community