Scheduled Maintenance

You should exercise the utmost care to prevent damage to your vehicle and/or injury to yourself whenever performing any maintenance or inspection procedures.

Should you have any doubts concerning the inspection or servicing of your vehicle, we strongly recommend that you have a reliable and qualified service shop perform this work, preferably an Authorized Kia Dealer. An Authorized Kia Dealer has factory-trained technicians and genuine Kia parts to service your vehicle properly. For expert advice and quality service, see an Authorized Kia Dealer.

Inadequate, incomplete or insufficient servicing may result in operational problems with your vehicle that could lead to vehicle damage, an accident or personal injury.

Repairs and adjustments required as a result of improper maintenance or a lack of required maintenance are not covered.

Dealer Recommended Service

Service One: From $69.99

  • Replace Engine Oil and Filter
  • Inspect Interior & Exterior Lights
  • Inspect Wiper/Washer Fluid Condition & Operation
  • Inspect and Adjust Tire Pressure
  • Check Coolant, Battery, and Brake Fluids levels
  • Check Horn Function
  • Check for any Factory Recalls

Dealer Recommended

Service Two: From $199.99

Includes Service One. Plus….

  • Replace Cabin Air Filter
  • Remove and Rotate Tires
  • Add Kia Pro-Series Fuel Injection System Treatment
  • Inspect Brake System for proper operation, check pad/shoe thickness, inspect calipers/wheel cylinders for proper operation, leaks or damage
  • Adjust Parking Brake if needed
  • Inspect engine coolant level & condition, visually inspect system for leaks
  • Inspect Transmission Fluid & top up if necessary
  • Lubricate Door Weather-strips
  • Road Test Vehicle

Dealer Recommended

Service Three: From $329.99

Includes Service One & Two. Plus….

  • Service Front Brakes
  • Service Rear Brakes
  • Service Battery Terminals & provide State of Health print out
  • Inspect Drive Belts -Condition and Tension
  • Inspect Vacuum & Crankcase Ventilation Hoses
  • Inspect condition of Ignition System
  • Check Drive Shafts and Boots for leaks

Dealer Recommended

Service Four: From $579.95

Includes Service One, Two & Three. Plus….

  • Replace Engine Coolant
  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Inspect Fuel Lines, Hoses, and Connections
  • Inspect complete Emissions system including all lines, hoses, and fuel filler cap
  • Inspect complete Exhaust system including Manifolds, Pipes, Catalytic Converters and Muffler
  • Inspect Suspension Components including shocks, struts, links and bushings
  • Inspect Steering Gear, linkage, boots and lower arm ball joints
  • Inspect Power Steering Pump and Hoses
  • Inspect Transfer Case and rear differential fluid levels
  • Inspect all seat belts and anchor integrity

 Dealer Recommended

*Prices are Subject to Change. Shop Fee’s and GST not included*

Service Schedule

6000 KM 6 Months Service One
12 000 KM 12 Months Service Two
18 000 KM 18 Months Service One
24 000 KM 24 Months Service Three
30 000 KM 30 Months Service One
36 000 KM 36 Months Service Two
42 000 KM 42 Months Service One
48 000 KM 48 Months Service Four
54 000 KM 54 Months Service One
60 000 KM 60 Months Service Two
66 000 KM 66 Months Service One
72 000 KM 72 Months Service Three
78 000 KM 78 Months Service One
84 000 KM 84 Months Service Two
90 000 KM 90 Months Service One
96 000 KM 96 Months Service Four